Steve & Dorne:

"Thank you for making the last few weeks so much fun! Also for all your dedication and for showing that maybe I don't have two left feet." (Nov 2014)

Dean & Karolina:

"We keep telling everyone you guys should teach others how to teach as you are so good at what you do :). With your attitude and enthusiasm I feel sorry for everyone who isn't enrolled in your classes haha they miss out on life's great pleasure." (Dec 2012)

Lesley & Craig:

"Catherine and Wim are fabulous instructors. They explain the moves really well, encourage you and also allow you to express your own style when you become more confident. I highly recommend this tango class :)" (Jan 2013, dancing with Tango Tipica since 2010)

Tunde & Lindsey:

"I have been to lots of dancing classes over the years and tried Tango a couple of times before. Catherine and Wim are fantastic teachers and make a dance I previously found very difficult far easier. A great way to spend a Friday early evening."

Tom & Emilie:

"Their class is very enjoyable, while they are approachable and friendly. Very fast learning, with almost immediate 'results' too." (Sept 2013)

Peter & Maureen:

Learning in the company of friends:
"For more than four years we've driven a hundred and twenty five miles to Glasgow every Friday to dance tango with Tango Tipica. After two years, Catherine and Wim had given us the confidence to join an international tango holiday in Italy, which introduced us to different styles of tuition. The experience was good for us, but it was such a pleasure to return to Tango Tipica where Catherine and Wim's teaching is structured, enthusiastic, sensitive, often challenging, always enjoyable and very effective." (Jan 2014)