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Treat your guests to a unique authentic experience: a performance capturing the splendour of the 1940s Golden Age of Tango. Over many years, Catherine and Wim have impressed and moved audiences young and old with their authentic and theatrical tango performances.

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Catherine and Wim perform the authentic Argentinian tango in the style of the 1940s, the era of the great tango orchestras – unique in Scotland.

You can choose from several programmes which capture the splendour of the tango. The Authentic Argentinian Tango programme includes the three styles of authentic tango: Tango de Salon, Tango Vals and Milonga. The unique Theatrical Tango programme combines a dance performance with a theatrical story.

The performances can be to recorded music or — for the ultimate stylish touch — to live music with tango group The Appassionados or with tango trio Tango Libre. The repertoire covers works by the world-renowned tango composer Astor Piazzolla and other well-loved tangos. Catherine and Wim can work with you to create a custom program for your event.

Make your event even more memorable with a tango initiation for your guests (taster class). It's a guaranteed way to get the party going and will be remembered long after the event.


Catherine and Wim have more than 12 years experience teaching dancers of all levels from absolute beginners to advanced, spanning the three classical Tango styles of Tango de Salon, Milonga Lisa and Tango Vals.

Catherine and Wim's teaching style: "Learning not by imitation but by insight"

Catherine and Wim's teaching is based on a thorough grounding in technique and on an understanding of the structure and logic of the Tango. Dancers improve their improvisation skills by gaining deeper insights into how different moves can be combined — and thus how they can create their own moves.

Central to their teaching methodology is the understanding of movement and balance taken from modern dance, applied to the authentic style of the old Tango maestros. They use concepts such as "pivot points" and centre of gravity shifts as well as advanced leading and following techniques to make complex moves easy.

Catherine and Wim's extensive teaching experience allows them to quickly identify an individual dancer's issues in mastering a move and to give personalised advice. In this way dancers learn by not by imitating moves but by gaining insights.

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Private lessons

Catherine and Wim are available for private lessons at intermediate and advanced level.


  • In Greater Glasgow: 120 pounds per hour (for two teachers), exclusive of travel expenses
  • Outside Greater Glasgow: please contact us to discuss

Minimum booking

Two hours, to be taken in blocks of one hour


Photo by Annalisa Simonella

We love to explore tango in different contexts.

Are you an actor, dancer, performance artist, photographer, visual artist or musician? Do you have an idea to include some elements of tango in your performance or work? We would be very happy to bounce ideas and discuss your project.

Are you starting up a new business and are you looking for a special touch? A special opening night, a tango-themed event? We would love to hear from you.

Some of our past projects:

  • 2014: 28 Days of Tango - February Tango Challenge for our students. View a selection of the creations.
  • 2014: 28 Days of Tango - Gancho Galore, Chinese Lantern, The Light of a Match Stick - La luz de un Fosforo and Oblivion on the Bell's Bridge
  • 2013: 28 Tangos - February Tango Challenge via Facebook and twitter
  • 2013: Extreme Tango @ Riverside Museum (1 Jan 2013)
  • 2012: Development of ideas for an Authentic Tango collection for a leading UK shoe manufacturer
  • 2012: Design of transformable tango dresses in collaboration with allenomis
  • 2011: The Sweet Passion of Tango: Open-air Tango performance in the Botanic Gardens with artistic photography by Annalisa Simonella and Brian Loudon
  • 2011: Tango in the Westend: Artistic photography at a series of Westend locations - in collaboration with Annalisa Simonella and Brian Loudon
  • 2010: AT4AT: Alexander Technique for Authentic Tango - Tango posture workshops with Alexander Technique teacher Michal Segal, MSTAT
  • 2010: Participation of a number of our pupils in a Psychology Honours project about the cognitive aspect of tango
  • 2009: Dance scenes for motion study for a tango animation video
  • 2008: Opening and closing performance of the Bolshie Fashion Show during the Westend Festival
  • 2008: Dance scenes at various locations for the documentary "Recapturing the Golden Age of Tango" by Morgana McCabe
  • 2008: Design of limited-edition tango T-shirts in collaboration with Bolshie Clothing
  • 2007: Tango and Wine tasting event in collaboration with Champagnes d'Ecosse
  • 2007: Creation of theatrical tango performances in collaboration with drama coaches from the RSAMD
  • 2006: Tea and Tango event in collaboration with The TeaSpot, supplier of specialist loose tea from around the world
  • 2005: Tango demonstration video in collaboration with Joan and Laurie Keenan
  • 1997: Illustrated history of Tango

Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.