Tango Workshops and Classes in Scotland

Tango Workshops and Classes in Scotland

After teaching regular tango classes in Glasgow for twelve years, Catherine and Wim are changing the way they teach. Due to their busy schedule they are no longer organising regular classes but they are available to teach classes and workshops by invitation.

Catherine and Wim's Tango style

Catherine Daniela Dogaer and Wim Taghon dance and teach the true Authentic Argentinian Tango as it was danced in the Salons of Buenos Aires in the Golden Age. They are renowned for combining stylistic precision with musical interpretation and for keeping the authentic tradition alive. Their dancing exudes the elegance and intimacy of a bygone era.

Tango Tipica at Riverside Museum performing to "Negracha" by Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Canyengue, with kind permission. Filming by Dean Kimmet and Brian Loudon; editing by Dean Kimmet. With special thanks to Riverside Museum, Glasgow.

Teaching approach

"Learning not by imitation but by insight"

Catherine and Wim's teaching is based on a thorough grounding in technique and on an understanding of the structure and logic of the Tango. Dancers improve their improvisation skills by gaining deeper insights into how different moves can be combined — and thus how they can create their own moves.

Central to their teaching methodology is the understanding of movement and balance taken from modern dance, applied to the authentic style of the old Tango maestros. They use concepts such as "pivot points" and centre of gravity shifts as well as advanced leading and following techniques to make complex moves easy.

Catherine and Wim's extensive teaching experience allows them to quickly identify an individual dancer's issues in mastering a move and to give personalised advice to each dancer. In this way dancers learn by not by imitating moves but by gaining insights.

Catherine and Wim make Tango accessible to people of all ages and abilities and get quick results. Read what their pupils are saying.

Why hire Catherine and Wim?

  • Professional and expert teaching: Catherine and Wim have been dancing the Authentic Tango for 20 years and have taught in Glasgow for 12 years. They were trained for many years by established, world-class Tango teachers.
  • Quick progress: Catherine and Wim have developed a unique and engaging teaching methodology which allows dancers to make quick progress in a fun and relaxed way.
  • Individual attention and tailored advice: Catherine & Wim are experts at pinpointing an individual dancer's issues in mastering a move and at giving personalised advice.
  • Authentic vintage style: Catherine and Wim teach the Authentic Argentinian Tango as it was danced in Buenos Aires in the 1940s — unique in Scotland.

Fees and booking

Catherine and Wim are available to teach workshops and classes in Scotland.


Catherine and Wim donate all proceeds from their Tango activities to children's charity With Kids. Payment is through JustGiving.

  • In Greater Glasgow: 120 pounds per hour (for two teachers), exclusive of travel expenses
  • Outside Greater Glasgow: please contact us to discuss

Minimum booking

  • In Greater Glasgow: minimum 2 hours teaching
  • Outside Greater Glasgow: minimum 3 hours teaching

Contact Catherine and Wim

Contact us for enquiries about workshops and classes.